The Deer Wedding (Alcemi, 2010)

“Compelling, humane..a novel of remarkable delicacy and power..its central subject – how personal and collective histories mesh – has never been more vital.” (Michael Symmons Roberts)


The Banquet of Esther Rosenbaum (Alcemi, 2008)

“Art and artifice are central themes in this sumptuously detailed and fantastical once full of disturbing delicacy…humour, verve and hallucinatory strangeness.” (TLS)

Short Stories:

DOGdays (Gomer Press, 2003)

“Penny Simpson has a vivid imagination. At times it is as if it takes a physical shape and goes down streets like a searchlight, a scalpel following behind. This allows her formidable talent to exercise itself on both the likely and the unlikely. It’s best to listen in.” (Planet Magazine)

Anthologies (selected)

‘Marbles’ in Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Vol 8 (Tangent Press, 2015)

‘Looking for Harlequin’ in Catch of the Day, Rhys Davies Short Story Competition Anthology, eds. Deborah Kay Davies & Cynan Jones (Accent Press, 2015)

‘Eagle in the Maze’ in Contemporary Voices from Wales (Albawtaka Review, 2014. Arabic trans.) & Eagle in the Maze, Rhys Davies Short Story Competition Anthology, eds. Tessa Hadley & Meic Stephens (Cinnamon Press, 2007)
Listen to the prize-winning story here:

Eagle in the Maze: Winner of Rhys Davies Short Story Competition
“It is alive, startling and original…The writing flies off the page..and the story is beautiful, carried off with such flair, and not like anything we’d ever read.” (Tessa Hadley & Meic Stephens, Competition Judges)

‘Indigo’s Mermaid’ in The Best of European Fiction Anthology, ed. Aleksandar Hemon (Dalkey Archive Press, 2010)

Magazines (selected)


New Welsh Review

Sunday Express magazine

Western Mail Saturday magazine